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AIDA - 950


RD$ 16,800.00

Here’s another classic all metal ladies’ chronograph for you, but with a bit of a turbo twist. AIDA – 950 has some unexpected Swarovski stone bling topping the crown and pushers. It’s like finding that your racing timekeeper wears a 4k diamond but doesn’t flash it under your nose. Much.

While we appreciate Verdi’s opera concerning AIDA, the captive Ethiopian princess, and her tragic life, we prefer to focus more on the enormous popularity of Verdi’s masterpiece. In the Metropolitan Opera by itself, the work has been performed over 1100 times since 1886 and is still presented every year. Aida, the supposed slave girl, steals the heart of the most powerful men in Egypt. You too can be a legend.

  • All Stainless Steel IP Gold and Rose Gold Plated 
  • 39MM Case Size
  • Chronograph Quartz Movement with Date 
  • Hardened Mineral Domed Crystal
  • Push-in Swarovski Crystal Crown and Pushers
  • Water Resistant to 50m, 165 ft.